Portrait Photography Services

Our photography services are vast and accomodating. We customize all our photography services based on need; pricing starts at $75.

The Pre-Wedding / Engagement Package.

  • Everything you Desire to kick start your wedding!
    • Engagement Portraits
    • For his eyes only Boudoir shoot
    • Canvas 24'x16'
    • Save the date video
    • Love Story Video
    • Engagement Website
The Pre-Wedding/Engagement Package was designed to hit every note required to start your wedding journey. We take it a step further by adding an exclusive "Engagement Website" to tie it all together. We include our exclusive engagement photo shoot with complimentary Canvas to be presented at your wedding and hang on the wall in your home. The Love story and Save the date video is meant to showcase the history of your courtship to your love ones and will serve as reference point for friends and family in the future. The boudoir shoot is completely optional. It is meant to be a private representation of your outward love to him. A bit sexy, but tasteful.
Trust us, this is a grade "A" package.

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On Location Family Portrait Session.

  • What's Included
    • One Hour, Family Portrait Session
    • On Location
    • 5 Edited Photos
    • Unlimited unedited photos from shoot
Every family should have a family portrait. It is a great way to showcase your family to visitors or simply a glorious picture that adds personal decor to your home. In addition to the portrait, ask us about our special regarding gallery wrap canvas prints. The texture and beauty that will add class to your portrait.

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On Location Single Portrait Session.

  • What's Included
    • One Hour, One Person Portrait Session
    • On Location
    • 5 Edited Photos
    • Unlimited unedited photos from shoot
On location portraits are a great option when you want to capture your surroundings. Portraits are great for wall art you will hang in your home or office, special occasions like graduation pocket prints, or for updating your social networking page. We provide five different professionally edited photos. This makes shooting an anytime affair.

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Photo Restoration Service
Photo Restoration service is a best effort service many use to preserve precious photos of the past and present. Do you have fading, marked, or deteriorating photos that need to be brought back to life digitally? This is the perfect service.

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Event Photography Services

Event photography for every occasion. Because we understand that this can be a tricky endeavor, we try our best to be flexible in your request. Often times clients do not need a photographer all night, in some cases they require the entire event to be photogenically documented. We are here to help! We also provide on site event photography with onsite capabilities to print high quality images that range from 4x6 to 13x19. Birthday parties, upscale parties, family reunions, special events, competitions etc.. we are your team! Click Here to request a event service quote.

Additional Photography Services Information

We understand that photography services are important to whomever seeks it. Because we believe that most photography request do not fall into a particular group, we allow our potential customers to create their own custom packages when needed. We are here to accommodate all needs of services such as event coverage, on location printing, and everything in between. Because we understand these types of services are also important, we encourage you to reach out to us for custom quotes that may not fit the traditional package deal. We also provide print packages like:
  • Canvases - Any size. Perfect when you want to immortalize your photo in grand fashion with unique texture
  • Classic photography prints - 8x11, 4x6, 5x7 on your standard photo matted paper.

Some services we provide that can be customized: Birthday parties, product photography, Event coverage, live concert coverage, private bodies, family portraits, engagement portraits, custom calendars, office portraits, holiday/theme portraits for groups, alter ego shoots, etc..
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